Everyone here at would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a peaceful prosperous 2007.

A little gift for you all from Steve is the opporunity to hear an original piece of composition which he has uploaded to his MySpace Music page.

Steve on MySpace

In 2007 we hope to bring you further news about the Kingdom Of Sorrow cd, the Crowbar DVD, a potential Crowbar tour and Steve related news.


December is a month of many celebrations in the Gibb family, not only is there christmas but Steve and Gloria's daughter Nina will be 4 years old and the first of the month saw Steve's 33rd birthday. Here is a short note from him.

"Thanks alot to everyone that wished me a Happy B-day. I really appreciate it. I had a killer day. Peace & thanks for all the positive vibes, later S.G."

Staff here at recently had the opportunity to hear a track written and recorded by Steve. The soulful soft rock song is an excellent platform for Steve's deep voice, his singing style emphasising the emotion of his lyrics. We look forward to hearing more.

If you are in the New York area on December 28th, Crowbar will be performing at Roseland Ballroom. Details can be found posted in The Smut Zone.

Our photo this month is contributed by Jeff Golden and was taken outside Pat's Pub, Metaire, Louisiana in 2005.


Staff here at would like to extend their congratulations to Gloria and Steve at their fourth wedding anniversary [7th November 2006].

A press release from CandlelightUSA [the record label with whom Crowbar are signed] has announced the tentative release date for the Crowbar DVD in North America of 23rd January 2007. Something to surely banish the winter blues.

The press release hinted at the contents ... "Live: With Full Force was captured on Crowbar’s world tour supporting their 2005 release, Lifesblood for the Downtrodden. The live performance dvd also includes candid backstage footage plus the band’s second (and previously unavailable) promotional video for Lifesblood for the Downtrodden album track “Slave No More.” "

There was also a hint that Crowbar may tour in 2007 and release a new album in 2008. We will keep you informed of happenings, when they become confirmed.


More cyber digging has brought to light Black Label Society's video for the song "Counterfeit God", some of you will wonder what the connection is to Steve. The video was shot in 2000 just prior to Steve becoming the bass player. He's the skull/chains guy.

Zakk Wylde and BLS 2000

The Crowbar DVD is still a work in progress, along with the Down Tour DVD and the Kingdom Of Sorrow CD, there are a lot of people working very hard in various backrooms to get these ready for the shelves. As soon as they become available we here at will post the links.

As the Hendersonville House in Tennessee was still being renovated and remodelled this summer, Steve with his father and brother have been in Miami getting to grips with the new studio and equipment at Steve's Dad's home as well as writing together.

In the near future we hope to be able to bring you news of an exciting new venture Steve is putting together.

~ ~ ~ Special Notice ~ ~ ~

Due to a series of health/work/family issues Kim has not been able to

dedicate as much time to the site as she would wish.

So for the interim you're stuck with me folks!

Acting Vice Deputy Assistant Chief News Update Person Anne Marie 

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JULY 2006

Through some cyber archive digging we've found a nice video of Black Label Society's performance in Austin, Texas on Sept 7, 2000. Steve can be seen playing bass and doing the backing vocal on 'Stronger Than Death'. It's a nice stroll down memory lane for anyone who'd like to take a look. The link is here and will also be listed on the Media Files page.

Zakk Wylde and BLS 9-7-2000

Not to be redundant, but Steve is meant to start work with his father and brother this month writing tunes for a new lp.

We still look forward to Steve's own personal music being released. Since he is appreciative of music in general and his tastes are wide and varied in that regard it should be very interesting to listen to something that is purely Steve Gibb.

The featured pic this month, courtesy of Si-Borg, is of Steve on stage with Down in Dublin, Ireland last month.

JUNE 2006

Steve and Kirk, fresh off this year's very successful European Down Tour, have returned to the states. The tour finished off in Dublin, Ireland on June 13th. Down have another gig at The Howling Wolf on June 24th.

This month we've added just under one hundred new photos to the Photo Center. I've juggled it around a bit so that we've got separate albums for the Oxford pics, Colchester pics, and the Down pics.

Many thanks to the folks on the Down board for allowing us to post their shots. Regards also to individuals like Sid Levy, Si-Borg, Ben Elton, and Hennings who gave us permission to post their photos.

As we reported last month, it's expected that Steve will begin working with his father, writing music, sometime next month in Tennessee.

MAY 2006

Though this month's report is late it's still newsworthy. Steve is currently on tour with Down, acting as Rex Brown's guitar technician. The tour began in Hamburg, Germany on the 19th of May and will canvas the continent of Europe with gigs in the Netherlands, the UK, Italy, Switzerland, France, Scandinavia and Ireland. The tour will come to a close in Dublin on June 13th.

In July it's rumored that Steve will begin work with his father on a country music album, projected to see release in approximately one year. Steve's parents recently purchased Johnny Cash's former home In Hendersonville, Tennessee with the intention of using it as a creative getaway.

New on the site this month on the Tour Reviews Page, you'll find a nice summary of two of the recent gigs that Crowbar did in the UK in March. I'm still working on getting the photos edited and ready for upload to the Photo Center.

APRIL 2006

The Oxford and Colchester dates (March 20th and 21st) were everything we could have hoped for and more. Crowbar delivered the goods, as they always do, to a full house both nights. Kirk was very cool in putting us on the list for both shows, which we didn't expect. Pat and Tommy saved us from the cold the second night. It was bitter out there and they let us in ages before show time. Many thanks!

On March 21st, prior to that night's performance, Steve was kind enough to take an hour out and talk with me. You'll find the transcript of our conversation on the Interviews page this month. Steve's a very busy guy these days with his hand in quite a few projects, which he elaborates on in the interview. We talked about how the process of songwriting unfolds for him and the music he's into at the moment, among other things.

There will be a write up about the recent UK tour on the Tour Reviews Page in the next couple of weeks as well as a new album in the Photo Centre for some of the 200+ photos snapped at this year's gigs. The photo featured here was taken on March 20th at the Zodiac in Oxford.

MARCH 2006

Crowbar are currently in the middle of their two week tour of the UK and, as always, are being very well received by their fans.

On March 8th, prior to crossing to this side of 'the pond', Kirk, Steve, Pat and Tommy played the Howling Wolf in New Orleans. One veteran fan said, "That show was unreal, I mean the best Crowbar show I think to date. The crowd was great, the opening bands were great....And Crowbar was OUTSTANDING! Whoever is going to see them on this tour, I promise you they will not let you down. They brought it all and then some..."

Music aside, one of the things that really stand out about the guys in this band is how they treat their fans. One fan who was at the Nottingham gig on the 12th said, "They destroyed the place, fucking awesome! They even remembered me and my friends from last year when they supported Hatebreed."

Bearing all this in mind, the staff here at are geared up and more than ready for the Oxford and Colchester gigs on the 20th and 21st. As usual we'll spill it all here, full report, exclusive pics and maybe more, all in the April update or before.

Until then, check out the interview done with Kirk on the 16th in Liverpool. 4Q Radio Interview


Great news this month. Steve, his lovely wife Gloria, and 3 year old daughter, Nina, have been blessed with a new addition to their family, a 10lb baby boy, born on Monday, February 6th. Many heartfelt congratulations from all of us here at

Out of respect for Steve and his family's privacy we have not posted any of the pictures that are circulating on the internet. That's always been my policy, unless I hear from Steve that he doesn't mind us publishing the photos.

Crowbar are still set to tour the UK next month. Prior to the UK stint they will be playing The Howling Wolf venue in New Orleans on March 8th. There will be no mainland European performances this time out which might be a bit disappointing for fans in the Netherlands and Germany. The staff of will be covering at least two of the UK dates and will, as usual, get some new pics to feature here.

Incidentally, the Crowbar website has been updated with some recent video clips. Have a look when you get a chance.


December is ushered in with the celebration of Steve's 32nd birthday on the first of the month. Steve's daughter, Nina, will turn three towards the end of the year. As always, we send our best wishes to Steve and family.

Great news for those of us in the UK this month! Apparently Crowbar will be teaming up with Will Haven for a U.K. tour in March of 2006. For a listing of the dates and venues set so far see the Tour Dates Page.

There has been no official announcement posted on the Crowbar website but we have every reason to believe the tour information is accurate. Tentatively we here at the website are making plans to get to the last of the two gigs on the tour. Hope to see some of you there.

Rob Ridner got in touch with me and sent me the complete uncut interview he did with Crowbar on February 16, 2005 at the Station 4 venue in St Paul, MN. I'd read this interview on another site and was very impressed. As a bonus Rob also shared some of the photos he took that night. These will be featured in Rob's album in the Photo Center. The interview is now featured on the Interviews page. The piece that previously occupied that space is now archived on the Media Files Page.


Steve and his wife Gloria will celebrate their 3rd wedding anniversary on November 7th. We are told that they are currently in Los Angeles where Gloria's family live. We here at wish them all the very best.

Crowbar's only gig on schedule for the rest of the year is set for November 26th in New Haven, Connecticut, backing HATEBREED along with other bands, namely CONVERGE, SUBZERO and IRATE.

So far there is no indication of when, or even if, Crowbar will hit Europe in 2006. In fact the last word from Steve earlier this year was that it might be a quite a while before Crowbar return here to the UK. There are no updates on the Official Crowbar site so we'll have to wait patiently and see.

Last but not least, Steve's dad did an interview recently and when asked about his son's vocal talents he had this to say: Steve's music and vocals You may need to turn your volume up to hear this sound bite.


Steve made an appearance on the American television program Entertainment Tonight's "The Insider" this past month, along with his father, Barry, and his younger brother, Ashley.

Kathy Lee Gifford interviewed the elder Mr. Gibb on a number of topics, among them, the sale of Middle Ear Studios and Mr. Gibb's recently released reunion album with Barbara Streisand. Steve commented on the privilege of having such a talented father who has shared his gift with his children. A brief clip of Steve making that statement has been posted on the Media Files page. You may notice that Steve has trimmed down the beard.

It may also surprise some of you to find that Steve is credited with co-writing a number of the songs on the new Streisand release. Not what you'd expect from an artist with a firm grounding in metal music but perhaps just what you'd expect from a professional capable of making easy transitions to various styles of music.

According to a press release via Blabbermouth, work has continued on the Kingdom of Sorrow recordings this past month. Tentatively the release date for the collaborative effort of Jasta and Windstein is set for some time early in 2006 on an as yet undisclosed label. As mentioned previously, Steve has participated in the project.

The new KOS website can be found at


Kirk Windstein, Jamey Jasta (Hatebreed), Steve Gibb and Derek Kerswill (Seemless) have spent a bit of time up at Planet Z Studios in Hadley, Massachusetts this past month working on a new project they have dubbed "Kingdom of Sorrow".

Ever since Crowbar and Hatebreed toured the UK earlier this year there has been talk of a Windstein/Jasta collaboration. Initially the guys were calling this new musical venture 'Crowbreed' until they could settle on a real name. You can find more details about KOS on Jasta says there are a few guest artists featured on the recording that will "definitely shock and surprise people". The debute album will feature 13 tracks plus a cover of Motorhead's "No Class". Steve is said to have contributed leads and solos on several tracks.

Middle Ear Studios, where Steve could be found working on an almost daily basis when in Miami, has been sold. The studio, formerly owned by all three members of the Bee Gees, has been in Steve's family since 1980. It's ironic, but perhaps fitting that the first recording the studio released was Barbra Steisand's Guilty lp (1980) produced by Barry Gibb, and the final project just wrapped up this last month, is Streisand's reunion duet lp with Gibb entitled 'Guilty Pleasures'. It's the end of an era, but as family spokesman, Dick Ashby says, 'Life goes on.'

On August 22nd we finally got word back from Paula Hogan of Candlelight Records regarding the release of the 'Slave No More' video. When asked when we could expect it, the response was "Soon. They just finished it." There's your answer folks. Good things come to those who wait.

There are several batches of new photos in the Photo Center this month, including albums with photos by Keith McCormick and another with contributions from Matt Bell, of Great Yarmouth, England. Be sure to have a look.

I've delayed putting the phpbb up for the time being. I would like to encourage all of you visiting the site to drop in on the current Bravenet Messageboard and introduce yourselves. AMG and I have revamped the look and feel of the board to make it more... well, more suitable to the site. Come in, talk about Steve, Crowbar, BLS, ask a question. You'll be sure to get a speedy response.


After finishing the last tour Steve and other members of Crowbar, apart from drummer, Tommy Buckley, are enjoying some well deserved time at home with friends and family. Shortly after the end of the COC/Crowbar summer tour, Tommy started another tour with Soilent Green that won't finish until the first week of September. Our research department has had it's ear to the ground with regard to the release of the new 'Slave No More' video, but Candlelight Records have sent no reply to our requests for a specific date.

We are still receiving some late reviews on the recent tour. There've been several pictures taken at the Tulsa and Dallas gigs last month by Keith McCormick, guitarist and lead vocalist for the band Self Inflicted. (There's a link to Self Inflicted's website now on the Links Page if you'd like to check them out.) is in the process of getting a phpbb messageboard. I hope to have the setup completed before the end of the month. On the old messageboard (link on the homepage) Steve himself posted a message. I've made it a 'sticky' so it appears at the top of the page. Thanks, Steve, for the vote of confidence.

JULY 2005

This month Crowbar wind up the last few gigs of this year's US summer tour. I'm sure it's been a wild ride this time out, and apart from the tragedy at the club in Tampa, Florida, an overall good run.

I've collected reviews and pictures from various people who were at some of the gigs and later this month I hope to share all of it with you on a new page entitled "Tour Reviews".

Crowbar hosted the Headbanger's Ball, a well known program featured on MTV2, on the 18th of June. Some fans have voiced disappointment at the small amount of time that Crowbar were actually on the screen, but all in all, it's good media exposure. They also appeared on Fuse TV's "Metal Asylum" on the 17th.

According to a news item on posted June 14th, Crowbar have filmed a second video to support the latest album on June 21st in Miami, Florida. The clip is for the album track, Slave No More (one of my personal favourites) and has been directed by John-Martin Vogel who also directed the Dead Sun video. Additional camera footage was to have been shot at the Orlando and Ft. Lauderdale gigs.

Editing is expected to be completed early this month with the clip ready for national and regional outlets by the end of July. There is speculation as to whether or not Steve's younger brother Travis Gibb and his enterprise, The Multimedia Depot, have had a hand in the filming and/or production of this Crowbar project. It is supposed, due to various blatant clues, that The Multimedia Depot were in charge of production on the Dead Sun video released earlier this year in February.

JUNE 2005

Crowbar are back on the road for the whole of this month. We have correspondents scheduled out to cover three shows so far. They've kindly agreed to come back to us with a full report and pics. If anyone reading this is interested in reporting on a show drop me a mail at

In the very near future there may be a "Fan's Review Page" added to the site where those fortunate enough to find themselves caught up in the metal mayhem of a Crowbar gig will be able to share their experience.

Finally, after a full year's work, is completely functional. All the pages are active and I intend on adding more to The Printed Word page and others. It's been a great learning experience and a hell of a lot of fun tweeking it here and there.

MAY 2005

This month Crowbar will embark on yet another US tour beginning on the 27th. See the Tour Dates Page for information about the upcoming shows. Also check out our Photo Center to get a look at additional contributions made recently by Steve fans. Our thanks go out to Georgette, Sally and Penny.

A friend of the staff here at caught up with Steve at Middle Ear Studios in Miami Beach and managed to get a couple of pics to share with us. According to Steve, it looks like it will be some time before Crowbar make it back to Europe.

I apologise to any and all who tried to visit the site for the past two weeks. We had some technical difficulties but that's all been sorted out now.

APRIL 2005

With the UK/EURO tour under their belts, Steve and the other members of Crowbar have returned home for a well deserved break this month. New dates for a summer US tour had been posted on the Crowbar website but were subsequently removed due to a change in plans. Crowbar are working out a tour schedule with COC now. When we get the new schedule we'll put it up on the Tour Dates page.

This month Kirk, frontman for Crowbar turns 40 so we wish you all the best, Kirk, and many happy returns of the day. Last month, myself and a friend had the great pleasure of meeting Kirk's lovely wife, Nicole and their 2 year old daughter, Haleigh. We had a nice meal and great conversation. Thanks, Nicole and hope to catch you the next time I'm in the states.

MARCH 2005

March has brought a major storm of cataclysmic proportions to Great Britain this year and the pounding force behind it is Crowbar. At the exact time of this writing the band are about to take the stage at Whelan's in Dublin, about midway through their UK journey. If this tour's debute performance at The Cockpit in Leeds on March 5th is any indication of what to expect I would say to send out gale force warnings to the remaining venues on the tour. They are that damn good!

We have solid dates/venues for the mainland Eurotour (which are Crowbar headlined gigs) posted on the Tour Dates Page, so if you haven't already made plans to get to a show, do so NOW. The picture of Steve (to the left) was taken from the pit during the last song. When they finished and left the stage the crowd was chanting 'Crowbar, Crowbar, Crowbar'.

I guess the general consensus is you can't ever get enough of this band. In talking to show attendees both in the US and here in the UK I've learned, without a doubt, that Crowbar are definitely winning new converts as well as pleasing their tried and true fans.


At the time of this writing the US Tour is in full swing and from what we are hearing here at Crowbar are really kicking ass. You can see the latest pics on the Crowbar website and/or visit the Steve Yahoo List for a very well put together set of Photo Albums featuring SG. The address for the list is as follows:

Yahoo Steve Gibb Group

Crowbar have made the cover of Metal Maniacs magazine this month. Being based in the UK we've not yet gotten our hands on the issue but it does feature an interesting interview with Kirk and probably some nice new pics of the band. Those of you in the US go out and get yourself a copy.

Steve's wife, Gloria celebrates her 25th (hope that's correct) on the 10th of this month. Many Happy Returns to the woman behind the man.

Next month the staff are off to Leeds to catch Hatebreed and Crowbar on the 5th. We'll have a full report upon our return.


Happy New Year! This month we have the dates and venues for the UK tour with Hatebreed. Make plans to be in attendance at one or more of these gigs. You will not be disappointed!

Crowbar's UK Tourdates with Hatebreed

  • 03/05 Leeds, Cockpit
  • 03/06 Sheffield, Corporation
  • 03/07 Glasgow, Garage
  • 03/08 Newcastle,Northumbria Uni
  • 03/09 Manchester,University MDH
  • 03/10 Dublin, Wheelan's
  • 03/11 Cork, Nancy Spain's
  • 03/13 London, Mean Fiddler
  • 03/14 Oxford, Zodiac
  • 03/15 Portsmouth, Wedgewood Rooms
Crowbar will be finishing the month of March in Europe, headlining their own tour. See the Tour Dates page for details.

Family News: On January 5th Steve's youngest brother, Michael and his girlfriend, Lisa welcomed a newborn son. Steve's an uncle again!


More news this month. First, Happy 31st birthday to Steve on the 1st of the month.

Tentative dates and venues for the stateside tour were announced by Candlelight Records on November 30th and are as follows:

  • Feb. 07 - B.B. Kings Blues Club - New York NY
  • Feb. 08 - Jaxx Nite Club - Springfield VA
  • Feb. 09 - Trocadero Theater - Philadelphia PA
  • Feb. 10 - Webster Theatre - Hartford CT
  • Feb. 11 - Northern Lights - Clifton Park NY
  • Feb. 12 - The Chance - Poughkeepsie NY
  • Feb. 13 - Penny Arcade - Rochester NY
  • Feb. 14 - House of Blues - Cleveland OH
  • Feb. 15 - Joe's - Chicago IL
  • Feb. 16 - Ascot Room - Minneapolis MN
  • Feb. 17 - Ranch Bowl - Omaha NE
  • Feb. 18 - Gothic Theater - Englewood CO
  • Feb. 19 - Lo Fi Cafe - Salt Lake City UT
  • Feb. 21 - Fat Tuesday's - Spokane WA
  • Feb. 22 – Graceland - Seattle WA
  • Feb. 23 - Sabala's @ Mt. Tabor Theater - Portland OR
  • Feb. 25 - The Pound @ Pier 26 - San Francisco CA
  • Feb. 26 - House of Blues - Los Angeles CA
  • Feb. 28 - Mason Jar - Phoenix AZ

What an excellent opportunity to get out there, hear some great live music and support Crowbar!

On a more familial note, Steve's daughter, Nina, will be two years old on the 27th of this month.


Good news this month for those of us in the US and Europe.  Kirk Windstein, of Crowbar, has announced that the band will be doing a US tour (sponsered by their record label 'Candlelight Music') set to kick off February 7 at B.B. King's in New York.  Crowbar's new CD, entitled "Life's Blood for the Downtrodden", is set to be released the following day, February 8th.  Along with Crowbar, the US tour will feature Stockholm's ENTOMBED, Florida's PRO-PAIN and Minnesota's THE MIGHTY NIMBUS.  Crowbar will also tour Europe with Hatebreed in March of 2005 including dates in the UK.  As more tour information becomes available we'll post it here.

For direct Crowbar information check out their website at: 

Also, Happy Anniversary to Steve and his wife, Gloria. They celebrate two years of marriage on the 7th of this month.


There isn't a lot to report at the moment. Rumors abound that perhaps Crowbar will do another Eurotour stint after the release of their new album on the Candlelight label. (A British company, we believe) Here's hoping that they'll do some UK gigs.


Steve and Kirk are in Miami getting the latest Crowbar recording ready for all the eager fans. A CD of the pics I took in Berlin has been sent to Steve in Miami and to Kirk's wife, Nicole, in New Orleans per their request

I'll be flying out of Gatwick tomorrow for the US. (going to Atlanta, New Orleans, Dallas and Los Angeles) I'll be away for the next week and a half on personal business.  See you here next month. 

JULY 2004

What can I say? The Berlin gig on the 5th was fantastic. We had a nice talk with Steve and Kirk and met Pat and Tommy as well. The music was killer and I got some very good pics.

Steve arrived back in Miami this past week, a little jetlagged but feeling good about the tour. In about five weeks Steve and Kirk will begin mastering the new Crowbar CD at Middle Ear Studios in Miami.

Thanks again guys!

JUNE 2004

A friend and I will be attending one of the Crowbar gigs in Germany.  The band are about midway through the Eurotour and have been received quite well to date.

MAY 2004

Direct quote from the Official Crowbar website:

New lineup for European tour and beyond:

Kirk Windstein - Guitar and Vocals, Patrick Bruders - Bass, Steve Gibb - Guitar and Vocals, Tommy Buckley - Drums and all that shit!!!

On a different note...If any of you have historical info, pictures, news articles, or other pertinent items that you'd like to contribute to the new website please email me at You will be credited for your submissions.

APRIL 2004

Steve has joined Kirk Windstein's band, Crowbar, and will be doing some European dates with them this summer. For more information on the band, the musicians and tentative dates/venues for the tour check out the band's website at:

They are a New Orleans based band whose members include Kirk Windstein on guitar/vocals, Pat Bruders on bass and Tommy Buckley on drums, and now Steve on guitar. The announcement was made on the Crowbar website March 24, 2004.

As of April 24th, Steve is in New Orleans familiarising himself with the Crowbar repertoire, rehearsing with the band for the upcoming European tour in June and July.

MARCH 2004

Steve and other family members were in attendance at an annual charity fund raiser for Diabetes Research, The Love and Hope Ball, February 28, 2004. Two sources have contributed pictures that may be found on the Steve Gibb Yahoo List.


Gloria's birthday on the 10th

In BBII, Steve is the klansman in the light coloured ball cap. Steve's good friend, Emerson Forth is also featured in the film as a boat dock guy. To see a pic of Emerson have a look in the Friends of Steve album in the Photo Center